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We can help you For more help on treatment or if you or looking for a solid program to enter. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help. Since 1999 we have worked very close with a CARF Certified program located in the Bay Area if you are in need of a referral.
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Work Release/Furlough Program est. 2003

West Coast Recovery started our work release program back in 2003 after the main work

furlough dept. closed in the mid 90s due to cost saving measures. The previous work

release program facility was operated through the County of Santa Clara. West Coast

Recovery noticed a void with in the system that needed to be filled. This prompted us to

model our work release program implicating some of the same practices but with a bit

more intensity.

What to expect

Work release clients will adhere to all the same rules and regulations as our other clients

with in the home but will have to maintain a more stringent monitoring system. We have

also worked closely with the court system as well as the District Attorneys Office to help

create a more structured base. Clients will also be monitored by two qualified staff

members and will participate in weekly testing for drugs and alcohol through a reputable

toxicology lab that we work with.

Clients will be able to work during the day but only go to and from work, pending their

work schedule. Clients will also have to provide proof of their work schedule and this will

have to be cleared by staff on a weekly basis. Clients will not receive any over night

passes unless cleared by their judge,probation/parole or district attorneys office. Clients

will have to still participate in the twelve step program to help further their recovery.

Weekly twelve step related meetings outside the home will consist of a staff escort for


Clients must keep in mind that the work release program is a privilege provided by the

judicial system and is an alternative to incarceration. This is the reason West Coast

Recovery will provide strict monitoring practices with zero tolerance for non complying

clients with in the work release program.

Court representation

West Coast Recovery will work side by side with your attorney if needed and provide

detailed information regarding test dates and results as well as monthly progress reports.

Court representation is always available by one of our court

liaisons so that we can answer any questions or concerns

during your court proceedings. We do feel it is crucial to

maintain a high level of honesty and out going open dialogue

with the judicial system.

Cost for work release program

The cost for our work release program is slightly higher then our sober living homes due

to more testing per month as well as intense monitoring. Rest assured that West Coast

Recovery will work with all clients and provide payment plan options if necessary. West

Coast Recovery has always maintained the aspect to help the individual in ALL aspects

of their recovery and this also includes fees. We have always maintained in being the

leader in cost effective sober living homes. For pricing for our work release program

please feel free to give us a call or contact us at our contact page.

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