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Caring & Supportive Sober Living Program In San Jose, CA

For over 20 years, West Coast Recovery has supported countless individuals' treatment and recovery. We offer affordable sober living environments that provide residents with a safe place to stay while they transition into the community at large. Based in San Jose, CA, our sober living program stretches across the Bay Area and northern California. We hope to reach as many people as possible to assist with their addiction recovery.

Trusted Staff & Support

Our house managers have spent several years in sobriety, program education, and management. They are all committed to long-term sobriety and have a solid foundation and understanding of the recovery program, setbacks, and success.

The Process

There are many stages of treatment to help an individual through the recovery process. The most common are:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Treatment
  • Sober Living
  • Outpatient/Aftercare

Work Release/Furlough Program est. 2003

West Coast Recovery started our work release program back in 2003 after the main work furlough dept. closed in the mid-90s due to cost-saving measures. The previous work release program facility was operated through the County of Santa Clara. West Coast Recovery noticed a void within the system that needed to be filled. This prompted us to model our work release program implicating some of the same practices but with a bit more intensity.

What to expect

Work release clients will adhere to all the same rules and regulations as our other clients within the home but will have to maintain a more stringent monitoring system. We have also worked closely with the court system as well as the District Attorneys Office to help create a more structured base. Clients will also be monitored by two qualified staff members and will participate in weekly testing for drugs and alcohol through a reputable toxicology lab that we work with.

Clients will be able to work during the day but only go to and from work, pending their work schedule. Clients will also have to provide proof of their work schedule, and this will have to be cleared by staff on a weekly basis. Clients will not receive any overnight passes unless cleared by their judge, probation/parole, or district attorney's office. Clients will have to still participate in the twelve-step program to help further their recovery. Weekly twelve-step related meetings outside the home will consist of a staff escort for monitoring.

Clients must keep in mind that the work release program is a privilege provided by the judicial system and is an alternative to incarceration. This is the reason West Coast Recovery will provide strict monitoring practices with zero tolerance for non-complying clients within the work release program.

Court representation

West Coast Recovery will work side by side with your attorney if needed and provide detailed information regarding test dates and results as well as monthly progress reports. Court representation is always available by one of our court liaisons so that we can answer any questions or concerns during your court proceedings. We do feel it is crucial to maintain a high level of honesty and outgoing, open dialogue with the judicial system.

Cost for work release program

The cost for our work release program is slightly higher than our sober living homes due to more testing per month as well as intense monitoring. Rest assured that West Coast Recovery will work with all clients and provide payment plan options if necessary. West Coast Recovery has always maintained the aspect to help the individual in ALL aspects of their recovery, and this also includes fees. We have always maintained being the leader in cost-effective sober living homes. For pricing for our work release program, please feel free to give us a call or contact us at our contact page.

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Inpatient & Counseling Referrals

As a sober living program, formerly known as transitional housing, we cannot offer inpatient services or counseling, but we work closely with groups who do. If a resident feels they need additional care, we can provide referrals to those resources. We also offer a unique and comprehensive work release program.

Our Mission

The West Coast Recovery mission is to provide addiction treatment through a safe and sober living environment. Our goal is to set up our residents to succeed free of drugs and alcohol. We will accomplish this through structure, education, and mutual understanding. Our friendly sober living homes are structured like a family environment. Here, everyone works together to support each other emotionally and spiritually while also sharing our responsibilities. After experiencing one of our sober living homes, you will be equipped with the skills to meet life's demands, alcohol and drug-free.

In 2012, we were the proud recipient of the Best of San Jose Awards in the Alcoholism Information & Treatment category.


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West Coast Recovery provided the solid foundation and support I needed to change my life. WCR provided enough structure to help me develop the habits I needed for successful living and enough freedom to allow me to meet my outside responsibilities. I found the entire organization from owner to House management willing to help me with my recovery. They provided useful advice based on their own experience. They know what they are talking about. Later I found they have a great reputation in the recovery community. I still visit from time to time to offer any help I can to those that needed it - It is one of the ways I pay back the priceless gift that was given me.

 Michael J.

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West Coast Recovery Sober Living Homes provided me with everything I was looking for and needed during my recovery. The house was clean and management did a great job making sure everyone had responsibilities and stayed on top of their daily chores. My bed along with the living space was well-maintained, and the atmosphere was inviting and non-threatening. I could easily walk to the nearest light rail station, and I was located near many shops, restaurants, and stores. I would highly recommend this sober living facility to anyone who wants to recover in a safe, non-threatening, and enjoyable atmosphere.

 Clark B.

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West Coast Recovery saved my life. A few years back I made a phone call to Andy regarding the direction my life had gone in. I was in the grip of a crack cocaine addiction that I knew I would die from. WCR welcomed me with open arms. I did what was suggested and by the Grace of God, I have not touched crack cocaine in over 6 years. It was not easy, I gave up a few times but the guys in the house gave me the support I needed. If your reading this and have a similar issue pick up the phone and dial the number. It's all good............. I no longer fear PAYDAY's.


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West Coast Recovery has been by far the best decision that I have made in my life to date. Without the help and the guidance that they have provided I would still be on the path to destruction. Thanks again, Andy.

 Bill S.

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Thank you Andy for the support through my recovery process and I hope I don't half to return, don't take it personally... HAHA

 Jim T.

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Dear Andy, I am writing you this letter to express my deepest gratitude for taking me into your Recovery Home when I was at the worse point in my life. You gave me a chance to find my recovery and with the support of your house manager's Scottie and Mike Whom, I am very grateful too also, as well as the other men in the home at the time of my residence. They also gave me the support needed to find my recovery and help me get on my feet. Today I am a Sales Executive with a start-up company, which has also put me in school to get my brokerage license. I could never have done it without the support of West Coast Recovery. The disease of addiction can not be fought alone. An addict needs another recovering addict to help him on his road to recovery. West Coast Recovery is a great place to start that journey. Find a Sponsor, Work the Steps, go to meetings, get into service, follow the rules of the West Coast Recovery Home, and hopefully, you will find the same freedom from active addiction as I have.


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I just wanted to thank you once again for sending your court representative to court on such short notice. It made the difference between Joe going back to jail or getting treatment. I really hope he takes advantage of what you have to offer, I'm praying he will make the right choices once he enters.

 Betty H.

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Hey, West Coast just wants to say thanks for all the help with my legal issues. And the sober atmosphere that you provided. God willing I stay on the right path.

 Scotty Boy

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Hello WCR I am writing you this email to say thank you again for helping me get into your program. After being turned down by most programs for not having the fund's you guys were the only ones that worked with me on my finances. What a difference after 9 months of being clean & sober, I now have my life back! Thanks again! And feel free to post this on your testimonial page for others thinking about getting in. It's well worth it.

 Fernando S.

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I can't believe I am going on 2 years clean and sober, who would have thought it could happen. Thanks again for the help.

Ted P.