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About our program

Our program consist of many variables to help and guide each client through the path of recovery. There are three basic types of treatment, 24 hr. on staff residential treatment, transitional, (SLE: Sober Living Environment, THU: Transitional Housing Unit), and out patient. Our staff as well as our intake coordinator's  will asses each and every client to find which level of treatment will suit them best. Our program is based on the 12 steps of recovery which each client will find help and support through our experienced staff. After achieving the desired goals through our skilled and knowledgeable staff, each resident will be able to maintain a life free from alcohol or drug addiction while preparing for independent living. At West Coast Recovery we will equip each client upon completion with the productive tools they will need to maintain a life free of addiction.

West Coast Recovery will provide

Support Rest assured that you will be provided with an abundance of support during your stay. WCR has always maintained a position of not allowing our clients to go through the path of recovery alone. We encourage all of our clients to start a solid foundation in there recovery and this will start with WCR. Guidance WCR will provide guidance not only during your treatment process but for all of your court and legal issues as well. Guidance will be provided by staff members who have spent several years in sobriety, program education, and management. All of our house managers have long term sobriety as well as a solid foundation with in recovery. Structure Our program is structured to meet the needs of our clients while working through the recovery process. We intensely utilize the foundation of the 12 step program, this will be accomplished by education as well as group meetings and individual support during and after your stay. Sober Atmosphere All of our clients will be assured that drug testing will be available to them at one point or another during there stay. We do maintain a sober atmosphere by testing on site as well as test through a toxicology lab. This will be done on a random basis and if needed through the courts request. Friendship We encourage all of our clients to accept the fact that all of us have defects of character. When this is accomplished it is amazing how we can unite and receive strength from each other. We also encourage that our clients do bonding retreats such as movie nights, miniature golf or even group 12 step meeting's. One of the best aspects of recovery is building a network of sober friends. Certification WCR offers a three month and a six month completion certificate upon completing our program. The length of stay will determine which one of these certificates will apply.  
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About us All of our house managers have a minimum of five years sobriety.