Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Resources

West Coast Recovery is committed to individualized care. However, not all addictions are the same, and if we cannot offer what someone needs, we have a network of addiction resources that can. No matter your situation, asking for help is the first step on the road to recovery.

Please browse our addiction treatment resources and take the first step to a better way of living.

Substance Abuse

Gateway Referrals
(800) 488-9919

Substance Abuse Prevention
(800) 729-6686

National Cocaine Hotline (chemical dependency)

Drug Rehab Centers Helpline
(866) 501-1172

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Help
(800) 544-1177

Marijuana Anonymous
(800) 766-6779

Addiction-Related Sites

Please call West Coast Recovery for more information on addiction treatment. We work very closely with a CARF Certified program located in the Bay Area if you need a referral.