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The difference between a "County Certified home" and a non-certified home is very simple. A Certified home is recognized by not only the District Attorney's Office as being very structured but the judicial system as well as the Probation & Parole Dept.  What this means is that their are yearly inspections of all facilities by the state of CA. (residential) as well as the County of Santa Clara and also the city of San Jose. Their is an abundance of rules and regulations that must be followed to maintain a perfect inspection record.

Advantages of being Certified

The strongest advantage of being Certified is that you will be placed in a structured, supportive environment that will only benefit your level of treatment. By providing structure to start the foundation of the recovery process. This will help establish the over all chance of staying clean and sober and maintaining long term sobriety. By receiving support which is crucial to feeling a part of ones self you will start building on your long term sobriety foundation. Rest assured that at West Coast Recovery you will always receive long term support.

What this means for you

We not only provide you with one of the best program's you can find but we as a program have a 100% perfect reputation (since 1999) with the judicial system.  You will also be assured that when you enter West Coast Recovery we as a program follow every aspect of the permit process and are legal with all aspects regarding to code. That all clients will follow a program standard regarding there situation, meaning all clients will maintain a level of sobriety during there stay and follow a structured program. Transfer clients are always welcome, and in most case's if you are on Probation there usually is no problem. We work closely with the  Probation Dept. and we have an excellent reputation with them. If you plan to transfer from a different county give one of our intake coordinators a call and we can make arrangements. All of our homes are supervised by a Management team containing a house manager and an assistant which over see each home to maintain high levels of standards by offering a balanced structure and strong peer support.
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Legal Issues
West Coast Recovery has always understood the importance of all our clients legal issues and have managed to obtain a high standard with the judicial  system. Since 1999 we have worked closely with the drug treatment court of Santa Clara County and have had very positive results. We have also learned that dealing with the legal aspect of our clients as well as the treatment of there addiction goes hand in hand. At West Coast Recovery you can be assured  that we understand the need to be a respective member of society by helping to put ones life back together.

Court Representation

We know how important it is to feel that some one cares while going through legal matters. This is why in almost all cases we will supply each client with court issues,  a monthly progress report. This report will be provided to there respected judge as well as there attorney. In most cases we will also provide court representation if needed by one of our court reps. Court representation can be provided before entering West Coast Recovery if there is at least 48 hour notice, this is usually for an acceptance into West Coast Recovery to the courts.

Our Colleagues

We have worked with all of the judges through the drug treatment court and have a very reputable reputation as being one of the best programs in the Bay Area. Our court representation will help guide you through your legal matters working alongside your attorney. Rest assured that most drug treatment judges are very much willing to have you receive treatment, rather then incarceration pending your charges. One of the best things is that we work very hard to provide your attorney with everything we can. Upon entry (through the court system) we will equip your attorney with the necessary documentation that you have been accepted to our program. During your stay if your attorney at any time request monthly review progress reports West Coast Recovery will gladly comply. This will consist of monthly court review letters as well as graduation certificates, upon completion. West Coast Recovery is very well known through the Probation and Parole Dept. of Santa Clara County. We work on a daily basis with the officers to act as a team to help each of our clients. This is a very positive aspect for us as well as our clients. Most Probation officers are more then glad to see you receive treatment, as well as a safe and serene atmosphere to assist in your recovery.
Helping Families since 1999 For further information about our program we have provided a FAQ page to help answer other questions you may have. If you need further assistance PLEASE visit our contact page.
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