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How long is your program?

Our program varies in length of stay, on average a client usually has a six month commitment. This how ever is not always the case, personally we feel a client should stay until he completes his 12 steps in recovery and feels he is adequate to face the world clean and sober. There are many variables to the treatment process, yet if a client wishes to stay long term then this is never a problem.

Where are your locations?

All of our homes are placed in nice serene neighborhoods and are located in Northern California. (Bay Area) All are very close to transportation as well as extra amenities. Health centers, grocery stores, shopping malls. What is your cost? West Coast Recovery prides it self by understanding each of our clients financial needs and are always willing to reach out and asses individually and provide the individual with payment plan options if necessary. We have always maintained a high standard to "help" the individual by being the leader of the lowest rates in the Bay Area. What form of payment is accepted? We accept all of the major credit cards, cashiers checks, cash, money order's and first time personal checks. You may also pay on line using fund transfers or major credit cards, we will cover most transfer charges. We also accept most insurance, pending your coverage.

Are you Certified and do you offer non Certified homes?

We have been Certified since 1999 the year that we started WCR. We also offer non certified living homes. What does your program consist of? We base our program around the 12 steps of recovery and build from there. Pending the form of treatment needed this could be a very broad question. Please give one of our intake coordinators a call. Can you help with employment? We are very unique in the Bay Area for providing and working with an excellent job referral source. We obviously can not give a 100% guarantee of employment but we will do our very best to assist. Do you test for drugs and alcohol? We randomly test for drugs and alcohol on a weekly basis. There are three forms of testing that we use. We work with a toxicology lab as well as on-site testing and or swabbing. We have zero tolerance for any type of drug or alcohol use on or in any of our facilities.   What should I bring upon entry? We recommend that you bring enough clothing and personal hygiene products (soap, wash cloth, towels etc.) for a one month stay. You will also need bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow) for a single size bed. You will not need food unless there is absolutely something you must have. We do not recommend that you bring valuables such as expensive jewelry do to the fact that we will not be responsible for these items if they are lost. Do I have to be sober for entry? Yes, you must have at least 24 hours of sobriety before entering one of our facilities. Their is help during this time period through one of the detoxification facility's that we work close with. This could be a very hard and rough time to try on your own, we recommend calling us so that we may refer you to one of our detox facilities that we work with.
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