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A few words from the owner

Below is my personal story and my own life style experiences of how I have managed to leave a life of 20 years of destruction due to Drugs and Alcohol and how I managed to find Drug and Alcohol Treatment which has kept me Sober for 17 years to date. Hello my name is Andy Bierle and I personally have learned that through mutual support, great expectations can be accomplished. My first step was to admit that I was powerless over Drugs and Alcohol and that I had to get off the path to destruction and find a good drug and alcohol Treatment center. I started to research different forms of Drug and Alcohol Treatment and what I found that worked for myself was to place myself in a Sober Living Home. After seeing the change in my life (which took about 3 months) I really started to like what I was seeing. I worked very hard at stay Sober by going to sometimes 3 twelve step meetings a day, seeing my sponsor once a week and studying the 12 steps to find why I wanted to use Drugs and Alcohol. In the past seventeen years I have received a certification as well  as a diploma through an 18 month alcohol and drug educational class. I have also received a certification in Alcohol & Treatment Service's Level 4. After living in a Sober Living Home for 3 1/2 years as well as been the house manager for 3 years I decided it was time to leave the safety net and continue on the path to staying Sober. My ammunition against the disease of Drugs and Alcohol was plenty. I still had my sponsor and I was a sponsor myself of 2 addicts searching for sobriety. I still went to meetings on a daily basis and I still have a great network of Sober friends. Hopefully in the near future I plan to go back to school to obtain my C.A.A.D.A.C. certification. Today I find myself really believing that I can make a change in a persons life by doing what ever it takes to keep that person clean and sober. By starting West Coast Recovery this helps my goal even further by reaching out to the addict that wants help. Our complete focus is to help the addict in any way possible and to still maintain a high standard for treatment. We implicate the same methods that I personally have followed and have learned to maintain my sobriety on a daily basis. 
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