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 Reaching out and being able to help.

 West Coast Recovery started with the goal of being able to reach out and HELP the addict

receive the type of care needed for the individual. We have always maintained this purpose

and will continue this mission in the future. That being said even if we do not offer the type of

care needed for the individual, we do work very close with other programs in the Bay Area

that offer services we do not provide.

Their are many types of treatment to help the individual through the recovery process. The most common and basic stages are.
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We can help you For more help on treatment or if you or looking for a solid program to enter. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.   Since 1999 we have worked very close with a CARF Certified program located in the Bay Area if you are in need of a referral.
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Relapse can occur at any time during the process of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. In early sobriety addicts tend to have many emotions that can occur. Many clients will experience fear or stress from destruction do to there addiction. The object is to re direct these emotions or feelings to a more positive way of thinking and behavior. When a person is first learning to maintain there sobriety it is crucial to stay on a positive path and to be proactive instead of destructive. This will balance with the new found life in early stages of recovery to form a more productive person for society.
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We have listed explanations to these forms of treatment with the links provided above. We do

work with many other programs in the Bay Area so if you are in need of assistance or help

please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us at our contact page.

Relapse can happen

Of course not every individual will need each and every type of these forms of treatment. For some they might need to just be placed in a structured Sober Living Home to further advance their recovery. Some individuals just might want follow up after care treatment. West Coast Recovery will do our very best to help individuals decide what level they want to take pending where they are at in their recovery. Feel free to give one of our specialized intake coordinators a call for further assessment.
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