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Sober Living Sober Living is basically a safe and sober atmosphere provided by many programs as part of a follow up treatment. A sober living environment should consist of complete abstinence from mind altering chemicals. This should also be a clean and safe atmosphere were clients can reside. Some programs have basic rules that are followed by all clients, curfews, weekend passes, 12 step meetings, etc. Usually a program will offer a three to six month stay, many programs will let a client stay as long as they are clean and sober. Some clients will combine an outpatient class while residing at a sober living home just to complete the balance of the recovery plan. There are also know certified programs or state licensed programs that consist of a large and positive structure. This phase is usually the last step or part of the last step for the client in their recovery plan. Not all programs are monitored by local or state agencies and this could create a problem for an individual seeking a safe sober environment to maintain sobriety. It is crucial to enter a safe sober home to further the path of recovery and to to create balance before entering out into the so called real world. Most sober living homes are located with in regular residential neighborhoods to help create a more positive family type environment.
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We can help you For more help on treatment or if you or looking for a solid program to enter. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help. Since 1999 we have worked very close with a CARF Certified program located in the Bay Area if you are in need of a referral.
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