The Value Of A Sober Living House Certification In San Jose, CA

The difference between a County Certified Sober Living House and a non-certified home is straightforward:

  • A Certified home is recognized by the District Attorney's Office, the judicial system, and the Probation & Parole Department as a structured recovery program.
  • Our sober living house certification in San Jose, CA, requires we complete a yearly inspection by the state of California (residential), the County of Santa Clara, and San Jose. There are several rules and regulations that we must follow to keep our certification.

Advantages Of Certification

The primary advantage of staying at a Certified Sober Living House is a structured, supportive environment that can only benefit addiction treatment. A structured program is the foundation of the recovery process. It will help improve a resident's overall chance of maintaining long-term sobriety.

When residents enter West Coast Recovery, we want them to know we adhere to the strictest permitting process. Every aspect of our policies and procedures is to code.

Working With The Judicial System

Since 1999, our program has had an excellent reputation with the judicial system, and we welcome transfers and residents on probation. Our staff works closely with the Probation Department, and over the years, we have developed an outstanding relationship. If you plan to transfer from a different county, give one of our intake coordinators a call, and we can make arrangements.

Legal Matters

We have always understood that our residents may require assistance with legal issues. Because of this, West Coast Recovery has developed good communication with the judicial system. Since opening, we’ve collaborated with the drug treatment court of Santa Clara County with very positive results. We understand that the legal repercussions of addiction are a genuine concern.

If a resident needs our support and guidance for court, we can assist and are happy to supply a monthly progress report when required by the respective judge and attorney. Often, we will provide court representation if needed.

Our Colleagues

Our reputation as one of the best programs in the Bay Area offers our clients an advantage. We are familiar with the drug treatment court judges, and should a resident require court representation, we will work closely with their attorney. Most drug treatment judges would prefer individuals receive treatment rather than incarceration pending charges. Upon entry into the judicial system, we’ll supply our resident’s attorney with proof of entry into the program, including intake documentation, court review paperwork, and graduation certificates.