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Our Policy

West Coast Recovery firmly believes that for a positive and successful recovery from drugs and alcohol, you should reside in a safe and sober living atmosphere. Our policy has always been to place all of our sober living homes in beautiful clean neighborhoods throughout the bay area.


All of our sober living homes are clean and well

maintained and are very close to public transportation as

well as many enmities. We also have great pride in

maintaining a peaceful and respectful relationship with all

of our neighbors.

Our Goal

Individuals in the process of recovery often need a safe and sober living home to live where they can rely on a network of peers who are also in recovery to help them maintain abstinence. A sober living home will offer recovering individuals a better chance at long-term abstinence from there addiction. Our primary goal is to assist all our residents in their return to independent living, and to help each individual become a productive member of society.   Structure It can sometimes be a struggle with establishing a daily routine and with finding new strategies in dealing with everyday problems and responsibilities. Usually in a persons addiction, there was no routine or schedule followed. A sober living home can help the individual tremendously in this area. The structure and established routine of a sober living home will help the individual to get accustomed to having a daily routine. Through the structured daily schedule provided in a sober living home, the individual has a much greater chance at success when it comes to setting up and following their own schedule and attending to their responsibilities. Rest assured that after staying in one of our sober living homes you will gain the knowledge for long term sobriety.
Helping families since 1999

Strictly Confidential

At West Coast Recovery you can be assured that your stay with us will be strictly confidential. We are an anonymous program and believe strongly in not posting pictures of the outside of our sober living homes so that we may protect our clients privacy. We want our clients to know that while they stay in one of our sober living homes that they can feel more like a family member then an actual client.  
Sober Living Homes
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Our Sober Living Homes
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