West Coast Recovery FAQ

There are often a lot of questions surrounding the addiction recovery process. West Coast Recovery wants to ensure our clients understand what to expect, and we have provided answers to some common questions. As always, please call to speak to an intake coordinator for more information.

How Long Is Your Program?

There are many variables to the treatment process, and each recovery depends on the individual. We usually recommend residents remain until they complete the 12 steps. We prefer them to stay until they feel confident they can face the world clean and sober. If a client needs to stay long-term, it is never a problem.

Where Are Your Locations?

All of our homes are in quiet neighborhoods in the Bay Area of northern California. They are close to transportation and extra amenities, such as health centers, grocery stores, and shopping malls.

What Is Your Cost?

West Coast Recovery prides itself on understanding each of our client's financial needs. We’re happy to assess individual situations and provide payment plan options if necessary. As a leader in sober living recovery homes, we pride ourselves on our affordable rates.

What Form Of Payment Is Accepted?

We accept all of the major credit cards, cashier's checks, cash, money orders, and first-time personal checks. You may also pay online using fund transfers or major credit cards, and we cover most transfer charges. We also accept most insurance pending coverage.

Are You Certified And Do You Offer Non-Certified Homes?

We have been Certified since we opened in 1999. We also offer non-certified sober living homes.

How Does Your Program Work?

We base our program on the 12 steps of recovery and build from there. However, based on an individual’s circumstances, we adjust the treatment as required. Please contact an intake coordinator if you need more information.

Can You Help With Employment?

We are unique in the Bay Area for providing and working with an excellent job referral source. Although we cannot guarantee employment, we provide the tools and resources needed to set residents up for success.

Do You Test For Drugs & Alcohol?

We randomly test for drugs and alcohol weekly using three different testing methods. We work with a toxicology lab and have on-site testing and swabbing. There is zero tolerance for any type of drug or alcohol use on or in our facilities.

What Should I Bring With Me?

We recommend enough clothing and personal hygiene products (soap, washcloth, towels, etc.) for a one-month stay. You will also need bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillow) for a single-size bed. You will not need to buy food unless you have special dietary requirements. We do not recommend bringing valuables like expensive jewelry. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Do I Have To Be Sober For Entry?

Yes, you must have at least 24 hours of sobriety before entering one of our facilities. The first 24 hours can be very challenging on your own. We recommend speaking to one of our staff for a referral to a detox facility.